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Hair systems for men directly from factory! All hair systems are hand-made by experienced workers. Top quality human hair and synthetic fiber are used depending on your requests. We provide hair systems with different base designs provide natural looking.

After filling out the order form online, click "submit" button. No cost occurs. You can also down load the order form for email attachment.



All Poly SkinR-2-9P2-3-8AB-1All French laceHOLOctagonPO-6


If you are wearing a toupee, we will be glad to copy your existing unit. This is very convenient for you.Wholesalers can email us order information as well.

We will deliver your new hair system within two weeks with the used one after the confirmation of your order.

Every new toupee will cost you only USD180 if the hair length is within 6 inches and the base is within 80 square inches.

If you have any specific request, please feel free to email us or send it to us along with your existing unit.

As to the way of delivery, we have UPS, EMS, DHL, FedEx, TNT. You can choose anyway you like. Shipment will only be made after we get your payment.



Individual Customer Service14 days                                                                                                   &VIP Express Service10 days